Young Learners Exams

What level are the tests?

There are 3 tests: Starters, Movers (level A1) and Flyers (level A2).

The tests offer natural progression towards other Cambridge English exams for schools so your child can continue to build up confidence in English step by step giving your child a clear path to improve in English and you will see how your child is progressing, according to internationally recognised standards. The tests can act as a stepping stone to other Cambridge ESOL exams. As the highest level test, Flyers is roughly equivalent in language level to KET (Key English Test). It can serve as an appropriate bridge to KET or a step leading to PET (Preliminary English Test), as learners move into adolescence. Thousands of parents around the world choose these tests to give their children a focus for their learning.

What do the tests involve?

YLE has three papers:

Reading and Writing

Texts are short and constrained by a specified set of words and structures. Children perform simple operations such as selecting and ticking, writing words and phrases in gaps, or answering open-ended questions.


Texts are limited in the language assessed to what is specified in the test specifications. Children listen to short recorded dialogues involving both child and adult speakers, and perform simple operations such as drawing lines, selecting, matching and colouring.


This is a face-to-face test which lasts between 5 and 10 minutes with suitably qualified, experienced and trained Examiners. Children perform various activities in response to prompts from the examiner using visual prompts, and give simple information about themselves.


There is no pass or fail. Every child who attempts all three components will receive an award showing a number of shields (Cambridge crests) up to five for each component. For example, a child may obtain three shields for Reading and Writing, four shields for Listening and five shields for Speaking. The minimum award for children who have attempted all three components is an award with one shield for each component.

Marking is completed at Cambridge ESOL within two weeks of receiving the children's completed answer booklets. So children should receive their awards within one month of taking their test, allowing for despatch time.

Once awarded Cambridge ESOL YLE certificates are valid for life.

Cambridge English: Young Learners is a series of motivating, activity-based language tests, specially designed for children at primary and lower-secondary school.

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