English is, by far, the most important language in the world. As such, it is only natural that we should try to learn it as best as possible.

Yet, learning a new language is tricky. There is grammar to cope with and all the new idioms and set phrases that must be understood. Not to talk about the different way of thinking! The higher the level is we try to achieve the most so learning becomes at the same time easier and more difficult.

While having finally passed the awful period of trying to grasp basic grammar and knowledge, aiming for CPE means having to deal with constructs that, while apparently easy, may very well become a trap. At the same time the range of material from which to study becomes wider making the process less boring and repetitive.

Having studied English for many years I find that reading, of all the different tasks such as listening-talking-writing etc… , is the one that makes learning a language as easy and smooth as possible. While it is true that, for obvious reasons, reading doesn’t help improve our pronunciation , everything else really benefits from it. Add to the reading a mother tongue teacher and you will have passed your exam! Mother tongue teachers are extremely important. They help you understand all the subtle nuances that could cause you problems and they become your link to this beautiful language. They give you an insight into the culture that is unattainable without a human “source”. And they make you love their language. For this and all the help: thank you Teresa and thank you QUAGI!

I did it!!!!!
I not only passed the Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE) but I passed with a Grade A.
Now back to studying English, I want Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) !!!

Maria Cristina

If you can master it, a language gives you satisfaction in any kind of activity…

My name is Mario Daidone and this year by studying at the QLC I got the CAE.

I don't have much to say to the students who are currently studying English, except that knowing different languages isn't useful just in terms working opportunities: if you can master it, a language gives you satisfaction in any kind of activity, just for the sake of using it. 

I guess that's the same thing the Italian singer Fabrizio de André meant to say about music, when he wrote:

"E poi se la gente sa, 
e la gente lo sa, che sai suonare, 
suonare ti tocca 
per tutta la vita 
e ti piace lasciarti ascoltare.
(Fabrizio de André, Il suonatore Jones)

I wish all the best to all the students who are reading my words and I warn them not to give up at the first failures, because, despite all the courses we can ever attend, our best teacher is our last mistake.

Mario Daidone

University in England: something everyone should consider…

I studied English AT THE QUAGI LANGUAGE CENTRE for 7 years and got to a C1 level (CAE). I was 10 years old when I started this wonderful experience. This school not only gave me a solid knowledge of the English language, but it also provided me with a wider point of view about every aspect of life. So when it came to choosing my academic path, I immediately considered studying abroad. I thought that it would have been a great chance to continue using English and to grow.

I currently study Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Kent which is located in the wonderful city of Canterbury. Although the first days were quite tough, I eventually managed to make new friends and to be happy about what I was doing. I'm proud of what I’ve done because I see it as something "outside the ordinary" but I think that this can only be something that goes to my advantage for the future.

I strongly recommend anyone who has the willingness to challenge himself and to consider studying abroad and not to underestimate any lesson this school offers.

I will always be grateful to THE QLC for everything it has done for me.

Antonino Venza

ENGLAND is nearer than you can imagine…

Hello everyone,

I have been studying English at Quagi Language Centre for many years.I enjoy listening to the sound of this wonderful and intriguing language.
I tried to study English on-line but it’s not the same. Talking to the screen I felt like an idiot !!!!!!

In this school I have the chance to meet qualified native speakers face to face so, I can learn exactly the same language spoken by English, Australian and American people according to my taste.

When I was in London for the first time I felt like at home.To my astonishment, every person could understand me and I was able to understand them too.

Don’t be worried if you don’t have enough time to study.At Quagi Language Centre you will meet lovely people and they will find the suitable solution for you.

ENGLAND is nearer than you can imagine !!!!!!

Just go to via Manzoni and get the ball rolling.Once you get started it’ll be a cinch.

Good Luck



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